a) Purpose of collecting personal information:
Customer’s personal information will be used to complete order information, compare it with product warranty registration information, and help improve customer experience when using the website.

b) Scope of use of information
Information use only within the public domain company and customers.

c) Information Retention Period
Information Retention Period

d) Persons or organizations that may have access to that information
Only individuals Only members of the company’s operations department can access customer information.

e) The address of the information collection and management unit, including how the consumer can be contacted You can ask about the collection and processing of personal information
All information of customers who have logged in and purchased will be stored directly on the website’s platform. All related information can be contacted at:

f) Methods and tools for consumers to access and correct their personal data on the commercial system e-commerce of the information collection unit.
Consumers can edit information directly through the tool “account info” on the website

The process of receiving and resolving consumer complaints regarding personal information being misused or violated vi announced.

Step 1:

Customers who have any complaints related to the misuse of personal information, please contact Customer Service via:

  • fanpage: Vatico
  • email:

Step 2:

The complaints department will contact the customer again to clarify the requirements and confirm the facts. Vatico has the right to request customers to provide information and evidence related to the misuse of personal information to verify and clarify the matter, thereby having an appropriate solution.

Step 3:

– Any disputes arising will be prioritized to be resolved through negotiation.

– Within 30 days, if the negotiation fails, the parties can bring the dispute to a competent People’s Court.

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